Below is a translated copy of a Bellona article originally published in Norwegian.  For a link to the original article click here


A recent study reveals that it will be profitable to replace 70 percent of Norwegian ferries to either battery or hybrid propulsion.

Of the 180 ferries that cross the Norwegian fjords, it is financially feasible to convert 84 of the ferries to battery power and 43 ferries to hybrid operation. This equates to over 70 percent of the Norwegian ferry fleet. This is the main conclusion of a recent study by Siemens carried out in cooperation with Bellona.

Read the full feasibility study on battery ferries here

bellona articleThe study is based on experiences from the battery ferry “Ampere”, which has used the electrical solutions from Siemens.

– We see that the electric drive smashes diesel ferries on profitability for seven out of ten ferries. The fact that so many ferry crossings have already proven suitable for electrification is very positive. Therefore, we should act quickly to put in place the next battery ferries in Norway, says Odd Moen who heads the marine division of Siemens.


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