PBES’ Brent Perry and Erik Ianssen featured in the Norwegian publication Adressa, by Ann Iren on January 5, 2016. Bellow is our translated version.

Norway wants all boats to use batteries

Selfa Arctic at Selsbakk has hoisted its last diesel fishing vessel out of the pool.  Now they are going to make boat batteries, and the annual turnover could increase fivefold.


The family owned factory at Selsbakk has been used for industrial manufacturing since 1872, and today it is the fifth generation of Ianssen, Erik Ianssen, who is the general manager. Monday was both characterized by a feeling of heavy heartedness, and excitement of what is to come. The last fishing boat was hoisted out of the pool and taken down to the sea. The family has run a manufacturing business here since 1872, and I have been building boats since the late 60s. Since 1987 Selfa Arctic been the market leader of coastal fishing vessels. We have delivered more than 2,000 boats, but now we are starting a new chapter, says Ianssen.

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