A Service Company

It Is What We Do & Who We Are

In today’s world, there are a lot of product choices to be made.  For PBES and its partners, the product is only the beginning.   PBES invests heavily in new technology and innovations, yet it is the outstanding service and commitment to customers that sets them apart from the competition.  PBES’ elite team of highly skilled and trained technicians are fully engaged in support of a customer’s success. They are determined to help optimize the installation, both on a financial and a performance basis.

PBES support is based on a lasting and enduring commitment to the client, focused on building bridges with customers to ensure efficient operations throughout the life of the system.

“A wedding lasts a day – A marriage a lifetime”

PBES service and support begins at the system purchase and grows throughout the duration of the system:

  • Training of customers in best practices installation
  • Clear messaging about project status through manufacture and testing
  • Development of timelines with regards to spare parts and timing of support
  • System use training and certification of onsite resources
  • Technical hotline and documentation management system
  • Installation oversight support and commissioning services
  • Real time monitoring
  • Performance optimization support
  • Software updates
  • Scheduled maintenance and observation
  • Performance reporting
  • Safety certification
  • Ongoing training for system life
  • 60 minute call back support at any time

Customer Loyalty is not given, it is earned. At PBES, service is the most compelling reason for our partners to continue to work with us. We are committed to building bridges with our partners supporting our partners as they differentiate themselves to their customers - one system at a time.

Brian Grison, VP Global Service
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China Office: 7F Tefa Information Technology Building, Qiongyu Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen District, China
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