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Designed in a modular format, the PBES solution consists of 100V, 6.5kWh building blocks. Each building block or module is comprised of 24 75Ah lithium ion cells manufactured in the USA by XALT Energy. The XALT high power rated cells are then encased in a jacketed metal cooling system; protecting, cooling and increasing lifespan and safety. These modules are connected in series to achieve bus voltage; parallel strings are added together to meet the total desired system capacity. The entire system is housed in an engineered flat pack racking system that is then assembled on site. Solid steel rack construction provides further mechanical protection, integrated cooling and an external venting system.


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Modern vessels and industrial machines are being deployed in hybrid and fully electric form. These hybrids range from new builds to retrofits of existing machinery. Most rely on a common format, diesel electric power generation, supported by high power lithium-ion batteries to provide a reserve of power. Each application type uses an energy solution with batteries to satisfy specific elements of their unique operational profiles. Here are a few examples:


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Batteries provide a “bridge”, optimizing generators and reducing low load operation. This offers instant spinning reserve and clean, quiet low speed propulsion and house power. The result is decreased fuel consumption, air pollution, noise and maintenance costs.

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Batteries provide full propulsion and house power for short run, fixed route ferries. Vessel can provide a reservoir of energy for the port should an electrical grid outage occur and can allow consumption of clean electrical energy from renewable sources. The result is zero emissions operation, reduced noise pollution, elimination of fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

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Batteries provide an instantly accessible reservoir of high amperage power for dynamic positioning duty allowing diesel generators to run at optimal rpm and loading, while ensuring vessel safety and reliability. The result is decreased fuel consumption, air pollution and maintenance costs.


Generator is used for main propulsion and to charge the batteries. The batteries provide all energy required for house loads at anchor and low speed propulsion. The result is reduced air pollution and increased quiet time operation for the owner’s enjoyment.


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Batteries provide hours of low-speed emissions free, and quiet operation, main generator optimization, spinning reserve and days of emergency backup power. The result is decreased fuel consumption, air pollution, noise and maintenance costs.

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Batteries provide all lifting power and regeneration when the container is lowered allowing the generator set to be resized and optimized for average energy usage instead of the maximum weight load. The result is lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance, smaller generators and lower operating costs.



PBES safety and cooling systems, combined with an industry leading energy management system, provide safety and protection from the cell level up to the system level.

In multiple tests PBES has demonstrated ability to completely control temperature and eliminate thermal runaway. Validated by the world’s leading industrial power integrators, the PBES system is now the benchmark standard for safety in industrial energy storage.

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