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Powerful, Safe, and Versatile Energy Storage Solutions


The PBES Power 6.5kWh and Energy 10kWh solutions are designed as a modular, stackable and configurable energy storage building block. Each module is comprised of 24 industrial quality lithium-ion cells. The cells are encased in a PBES jacketed metal housing; protecting, cooling and increasing lifespan and safety. These modules are connected in series to achieve bus voltage and parallel strings are added together to meet the total required system capacity.

The modules are housed in an easily transported flat pack racking system that is assembled on site. This solid steel rack construction provides further mechanical protection, integrated cooling and an external venting system. PBES’ safety and cooling systems, combined with an industry leading energy management system, provide safety and protection from the cell level up to the system level. In multiple tests PBES has demonstrated ability to completely control temperature and eliminate thermal runaway.

Validated by the world’s leading industrial power integrators, the PBES system is now the benchmark standard for safety in industrial energy storage.

CellSwap: Revolutionary Battery Re-Coring

A smaller, lighter battery system

PBES brings value in the marine battery market to a new level. PBES CellSwapTM is a  retrofit process to rebuild the inside of a battery onboard a vessel. CellSwapTM represents common sense thinking in marine battery design – and is a first in the marine market.

PBES CellSwapTM is simple; with PBES’s innovative battery design, the lithium-ion cells in the core of the battery can be replaced when nearing end of life. Other items, such as cabling, electronics, cooling, racking and structural components can be reused. With PBES CellSwapTM there is no need for costly re-commissioning and reintegration costs. The rebuilding is possible without disruption while the vessel is in service.


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