Containerized Energy Storage

Powerful, Safe, and Versatile Energy Storage Solutions

Containerized Energy Storage

CanPower is an independent containerized battery room within standard sized containers 20-53 feet in length. The containerized energy storage is used for a variety of applications and is sized to suite each applications specific needs. Thanks to the modular and standardized packaging, planning and installation can be significantly reduced. The mobile CanPower solution is instantly deployable to any location, the container can be loaded on to a truck and easily transported to rural as well as urban locations.

Marine & Industrial Use

The CanPower containerized energy storage solution allows for a variety of installation opportunities in ships where insufficient room below deck may be an issue or for increased flexibility to add-on additional capacity on an as-needed basis. Other uses include shore power and mobile port energy.

Renewable & Grid Support

With the proliferation of grid-connected renewable energy sources, the task of stabilizing the power grid while making more efficient use of our energy resources has become a global concern.  Stabilize the grid, reduce blackouts, or deploy emergency power instantly.

CanPower Containerized ESS

CanPower – A Low Emission Power Plant for Isolated Communities


The CanPower solution is able to provide an emissions friendly power plant that is designed to replace existing fossil fuel fired power plants in isolated communities. The system is packaged in easy to transport ISO standard containers that may be deployed to any location and quickly brought online.  With its modular design it is a blueprint for other communities that wish to have an uninterrupted supply of power at low cost with near-zero emissions.

A storm proof solution

The PBES system is housed in a custom building designed to withstand the force of a 250 mph hurricane and flooding up to an 8-foot depth. This storm proof, flood proof building will serve as the heart and soul of the community utility, effectively delivering reliable energy (average 80% renewable driven) at half the cost of current energy, while respecting the environment.

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