Join the Leaders in Marine Energy Storage

What We Do

PBES provides energy solutions to increase the efficiency and reduce pollution from commercial marine vessels and heavy industrial equipment. Our technology, a revolutionary lithium-ion battery solution, enables our customers to optimize diesel or run on full electric power, reducing their costs and decreasing fuel consumption. Our leading edge technology and thermal management processes provide the longest battery cycle life in the business and greater value for the end customer. 

PBES is a company in the right place at the right time and is experiencing rapid growth. We will soon become the market leader for industrial battery solutions.

Why Join Us?

Because what we do makes a difference. We develop high performance lithium-ion batteries that out perform all other energy storage solutions. Our Thermal-StopTM and CellCoolTM systems are capable of controlling temperature and eliminating thermal runaway, thus making our batteries some of the safest and longest lasting in the world. Because of this, PBES and our customers are proud to be helping the planet by reducing emissions and making a positive impact on greenhouse gasses.

Career Opportunities

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Electrical Engineer/Hardware Engineer

What You Will Do You will design analog and digital electronic circuits and be involved all aspects of product development of our lithium-ion battery solutions from early stage development through to product manufacturing and implementation. You will have the opportunity to travel outside of Canada, particularly to Scandinavian countries for periods up to 3-4 weeks working on-site with our customers to implement, trouble-shoot and support our products.

Location: Vancouver, BC

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VP Marine Energy Storage Norway

Aim of this role is to implement, deploy & maintain a strong product education program and winning opportunity management strategy for the Marine Energy Storage market in the Nordics.

Location: Norway

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